The Sophie Fellowship

Training program and fellowship for students preparing for IMO, EGMO, INMO and other national and international mathematical competitions.


Applications are now closed. All applicants have been e-mailed with their decisions.

The solutions to the problems have been added on this page.


The Sophie Fellowship is a student-run initiative to assist selected high schoolers passionate about mathematics, by offering help from people who have performed well at various mathematical contests such as the IMO, APMO, EGMO, and INMO.

We aim to improve the quality of math education in India by making Olympiad math more accessible, as well as improve the gender ratio in the mathematical community.

The team consists of students who have previously participated in the IMO, EGMO and other major competitions.


The program will be completely free of cost.


The application includes a problem set, as well as some questions that will let us get to know you better. We do not expect you to solve all the problems, and encourage you to submit any ideas and progress you may have on them. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited for a short interview with our team. 

Keep in mind that we are looking for future Sophie Fellows who are enthusiastic and hardworking, and can meet the demands of the programme. Therefore, we will look beyond your achievements, and aim to select those of you who we believe will be a great fit for Sophie.

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We've listed some questions on the FAQs page. If you have any further questions, feel free to mail us at


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