The Sophie Fellowship

Training program and fellowship for students preparing for INMO, IMO, EGMO and other national and international mathematical competitions.


Applications are closed.


We aim to improve the quality of math education in India and the performance of the Indian teams at major international mathematical Olympiads. We also aim to make Olympiad math more accessible and improve the gender ratio within the math community. For this, we are starting with a small initiative to assist select students who've done well and are preparing for upcoming Olympiads like the INMO, APMO, EGMO, IMO etc., by offering help from people who've previously performed well at these Olympiads.

We also plan
to support these students with their applications to foreign universities and to help them make decisions related to Olympiads and JEE etc. We will try to provide any other help that is needed.

The team consists of students who have previously participated in the IMO, EGMO and other major competitions, and are from premier colleges in India and abroad.


The program will be free of cost.


The application consists of some some problems, which we'll use to roughly gauge your mathematical maturity and interest. The applications were closed on March 25.
You're not expected to be able to solve all the problems in the application, and should share whatever progress you make. After the problem round, there will be interviews for shortlisted candidates.

The process of selection will be holistic and will try to gauge the applicant on multiple factors including but not limited to mathematical aptitude, long term interest in pursuing math education, already available resources to the applicant etc. Thus, we recommend applying, even if you feel the course might be too hard.

(Applications closed!)

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