What are the charges for the program?

As shared on the main page, the program will be completely free of cost.

How long is the program?

We will begin the new cohort in early June. We expect to work with this batch for around 6 to 8 months, and will reopen applications after that.

Who all are eligible to apply?

All students who will not be in a university as of 1st October 2024 are eligible to apply. If you are interested in math Olympiads and excited to learn more, do apply!

How much do you expect students to try application problems?

The application problems has varying problems with various difficulties. We expect students to try all the problems for some time, even if they do not get much progress on them. Please submit whatever you have for each problem, so that we may gain insight into how you approach problems.

How many students will you be taking?

We plan to take up to 20 Indian students for the program.  We also intend to keep a balanced gender ratio. We may also evaluate and accept applications from students of other countries apart from India after reviewing them on a case by case basis.

If I do not get accepted, do I still have a chance at doing well in Olympiads or making the teams?

Absolutely! We don't intend to choose only applicants who we feel have the best chance for Olympiads. Instead, we plan to select the students who we believe will benefit the most from the program. Please do not be disheartened if you do not get selected, and continue onward along your Olympiad journey.

What time commitment would it be on our side if we do get selected?

The Sophie Fellowship will be a fun program with many different activities. As such, we expect the time commitment to be around 8-12 hours a week. There will usually be around 4 hours of classes as well as some practice problem sets and mock tests which all students are expected to work on.

We also expect students to not only attend classes, but also be proactive in talking to the staff if they have any issues. Students will also be expected to share their progress on a consistent basis.

Will the resources created for the program be made public?

We will try to publicly share the resources created to whatever extent possible.

This seems very exciting, can I help?

Yes! Please contact us at team@sophiefellowship.in and we can see how you can help. Even if you cannot teach, there will almost surely be ways you can contribute in! 

I have other questions. Who do I ask?

Feel free to mail us at team@sophiefellowship.in with any other questions you have!