We will have weekly classes on Olympiad-related topics. Over the course of the year, we plan to move from the basics like Modular Arithmetic, Angle Chasing, and the Pigeonhole Principle to advanced topics in math such as Quadratic Residues, Projective geometry, Analytic Number Theory, and Combinatorial Nullstellensatz. 

While we do have an overall outline of what topics we want to cover, we are open to suggestions from you on anything you find interesting or difficult to do by yourself. 

Apart from these, we will also have classes by students from top universities on fancy topics in higher math you may have heard of such as Linear Algebra, Group Theory, and Real Analysis!

Problem Sets

We will also have weekly problem sets, roughly tuned to the topic of the class(es) that week. These will be compulsory to submit and Fellows are expected to at least try all of the problems. They are not expected to be done all by themselves and usually are solved together with other Sophie Fellows in groupsolves (commonly abbreviated g-solves). We will also provide feedback to the students on these problem sets.

Team Contests

Every alternate week, there will also be a team contest, where Sophie Fellows solve problems over half a day with their teammates. While the goal is to win, usually the fun in the contest itself makes it rewarding enough!


For any upcoming contests such as INMO, EGMO, APMO, the EGMO and IMO TSTs we will make mocks for anyone interested, in addition to grading submissions and giving advice on how to write solutions in a better way. You can find some of the past mocks made here.


WeMPs, short for Weekly Math Presentations, are short presentations by current Sophie Fellows on a topic they find interesting. Each Sophie Fellow will have to take at least one of these, which are aimed at helping them become more comfortable with teaching others, starting with a small group that is Sophie.

The Community 

All of the classes will be announced on our discord server, which all the Fellows will have access to once admitted. The server offers an opportunity to ask any and all doubts you may have. You can have fun with others - gsolves, listening to music, creating a Sophie Potter-verse or even proving questionable math like "x > x has exactly two solutions".