Pranjal Srivastava

Pranjal is currently a freshman at MIT. He has participated at the IMO several times, where he won a silver medal in 2018, and a gold medal each in 2019, 2021 and 2022. Pranjal also does competitive programming and won a bronze medal at the IOI in 2021. He devotes himself to whatever he finds interesting at the time. Also a huge fan of the board game go (baduk). 

Rohan Goyal

A UG student at CMI from Delhi, Rohan got into Mathematical Olympiads in 10th grade. He had a Bronze medal at IMO 2021 and APMO 2020 and ranked second in INMO 2021. He is also an NTSE, KVPY scholar. He quite enjoys teaching and organizing initiatives to spread Olympiads. Outside mathematics, he's fascinated by Linguistics and Theoretical Computer Science. Rohan loves playing bullet chess and is learning go from Pranjal. He has also written a few handouts and has a dead blog.

Aditi Muthkhod

Aditi is an undergraduate student at CMI, from Mumbai. She had an honourable mention at EGMO 2021 and is an NTSE scholar. She enjoys solving puzzles in her free time. Music, books, poetry and nature can keep her engaged for days on end!

Atul Shatavart Nadig

Atul, from Bengaluru, will be a freshman at MIT this fall. He won a gold medal at the IMO 2023 as well as a gold medal at APMO 2023. He is also a bronze medalist at IMO 2022 and a silver medalist at both APMO 2022 and IGO 2022. He is also a three-time IMOTCer from 2021-23. He enjoys playing chess and doing puzzles. In his free time, he likes to read books, webtoons, and manga, as well as look at pictures of cute cats. He also loves making puns which although purrfect, often go unappreciated.

Abhay Bestrapalli

Abhay is currently a freshman at MIT. He has qualified to the IMO Training Camp in 2020 and 2021 and has also won a silver medal in the International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics 2021. He started the Online Math Club and loves to teach. When he is free, Abhay likes to write fiction, learn something new or listen to music. Also has a dead blog.

Deepit Purkayastha

Deepit Purkayastha is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the Inshorts Group (Inshorts and Public app). Dual Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kharagpur,  KVPY Scholar, NSEP-INPHO Gold Medalist and qualified RMO only once but has always felt strongly about evangelising the study of Pure Mathematics in school and making Math education inclusive. He has also made it to Forbes '30 Under 30 India in 2016 and Asia in 2018. Deepit is passionate about math, sustainability, music and also has a patent application pending for a Hybrid Electronic and Acoustic Tabla.

Swarnima Bhattacharya

Swarnima Bhattacharya is the co-founder of Thea, a data-driven platform for female healthcare. She is an AstraZeneca Young Health Scholar, and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, serving as Curator in the New Delhi Hub. She has worked at the intersection of Gender, Health & Tech for over a decade with the United Nations, Do School, Women Deliver & other multi-lateral agencies. She is a Youth Board member at Unilever Dove's "Self-esteem Project" for adolescent girls across the world. She has published widely on Gender & Health on national & global platforms like Simon & Schuster, World Economic Forum's Agenda, Mint and Times of India. She is a strong advocate for FemTech and women in STEM, in South Asia. Publications:

Rushil Mathur

Rushil is a 12th grader from Mumbai. He’s been doing olympiad math for over 5 years now and he absolutely loves combinatorics. Apart from maths, he likes playing the piano and is always up for a chess match. Rushil is a 2022 and 2023 INMO Awardee and was a part of the second cohort of the Sophie Fellowship program. He also enjoys coding in his free time and won bronze medals at INOI 2022 and 2023.

Malay Mahajan

Malay is currently a 12th grader from Mumbai. He is a two-time IMOTCer in 2022 and 2023, and is a Sophie Fellow. He represented India at IFOMG 2022, in Switzerland. He attended Math Beyond Limits - Balkans camp, and is looking forward to attend MBL Poland this September. Apart from doing math, he likes to play chess, follows sports and listen to music. He also loves to play with his pet dog Choco (like in the picture!) 

Ananda Bhaduri

Ananda is a 12th grader from Assam. He won a silver medal at the IMO 2023. He qualified for the final round of the Sharygin Olympiad in 2020 and 2021 and is a 3-time IMOTCer. His favourite subjects are combinatorics and geometry. Apart from math, he also enjoys playing bullet chess online.

Adhitya Venkata Ganesh Mangudy

Adhitya Mangudy is a 11th grader from Pune. He got a bronze medal in IMO 2022 Oslo, in IMO 2023 Japan, in APMO 2022,  and in IGO 2023. He also got  a silver medal in APMO 2023, and a gold medal in IZhO 2022 (rank 2) and IGO 2019. He is interested in informatics too, and got selected for IOITC in 2023. He also likes to play basketball, chess and badminton.

Archit Manas

Archit is an 11th grader from Delhi. He is a 3 time IMOTCer and 2 time IOITCer. Apart from math and informatics, Archit also enjoys watching anime and playing table tennis.

Krutarth Shah

Krutarth, from Hyderabad, is a first year UG at CMI. He has been doing Math Olympiads for the past couple of years and took part in IMOTC this year. He has also won a bronze medal at INOI 2023, apart from qualifying for STEMS 2023 in Physics and CS. Besides math, you'll see him talking about anime and chess.

Kanav Talwar

Kanav Talwar is a tenth grader from India. He started doing math Olympiads from 8th grade, He has been an INMO awardee in years 2022 and 2023 and has a bronze medal in IGO. Apart from math he also does competitive programming and is selected for IOITC this year. He also enjoys watching cricket (IPL is the best) and plays basketball.

Sunaina Pati

Sunaina is a first-year UG at CMI from Guwahati. She is a three-time IMOTCer from 2021-23 and won a silver medal for India at EGMO 2023. She loves watching cute k-dramas, listening to k-pop, and blogging (She has a cool blog here!).

Sidharth Suresh

Sidharth is from the UAE and will be a freshman at Oxford this fall. He is a 2023 IMO Bronze Medallist, a 2022, 2023 IMOTCer and a 2021, 2022 Sophie Fellow He likes NT and C more than G which he likes way more than A. He likes playing chess and reading about math and physics.

Shourya Pandey

Shourya is a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin with a particular interest in algorithms and complexity theory, which he believes is just “spicy combinatorics”. He has a bronze medal at the IMO 2015 and is involved in teaching and grading with the Indian Olympiad program. Shourya likes combinatorics and number theory. Outside mathematics and computer science, he enjoys watching cat videos, singing, playing chess, and fine-dining.

Ananya Ranade

Ananya is a first-year student at CMI from Pune. She won a bronze medal for India at the IMO 2021, and a silver and bronze medal at EGMO 2021, 2022. Other than math, she enjoys reading books, playing chess, table tennis, cycling. 

Pranav Choudhary

Pranav is a 12th grader from Haryana. Although always interested in math, he discovered Olympiads in 9th grade. Ever since, he has qualified for INMO twice, cleared the first round of Sharygin and even represented India at the IFOMG 2022 in Switzerland. He has a burning desire to spread awareness for Olympiads to new people and is currently the co-director of Online Math Club (OMC). 

Apart from math, he really likes to play chess, cards (poker, bluff, sweep), talking to people and making new friends. He attended Math Beyond Limits 2023.

Gunjan Aggarwal

Gunjan is a 12th grader from India. She has enjoyed Olympiad mathematics ever since she was nine, and has participated in numerous contests over the past few years. She is a 3 time European Math Girl's Olympiad participant and won a silver medal in 2023 and a bronze medal in 2022 and she has also attended IMOTC four times. Along with that she has a silver medal in IGO, qualifier diploma in sharygin geometry olympiad and a Diploma in tournament of towns. She was a Sophie Fellow (2021-2022). When she's not doing math, she loves to sketch, write and listen to music.

Sanika Amol Borade

Sanika is a first-year student at IISc Bengaluru. She won a bronze medal at EGMO 2022 and was an INMO awardee in 2021. She likes reading books.

Kazi Aryan Amin

Aryan is a 2nd year undergraduate student at IISC Bengaluru. His major interests in math are extremal combinatorics and algebraic number theory. In his high school days, he particularly liked complex bashing geometry problems and solving random functional equations. In his free time he likes to watch horror movies, read thrillers and follow football news. 

Agamjeet Singh

Agamjeet is a 12th grader from Telangana. A 2023 IMOTCer, he is particularly fond of number theory and functional equations. He loves making mocks, is the director of Math Olympiad Mock Club (MOMC) and also enjoys playing the electric guitar and watching anime.

Siddharth Choppara

Siddharth is a 12th grader from Pune. He won a silver medal at the IMO 2023. His favourite subjects are combinatorics and geometry. He's also interested in competitiove programming and enjoys playing chess online.

Kshitij Sodani

Kshitij is a 12th Grader from India who is passionate about Maths and Computer Science. He likes solving interesting and intellectually challenging problems.

He has won 2 Silver Medals in IOI 2021 and IOI 2022 and Bronze in 2020.He was also the overall winner in IZHO 2023 and has also won 3 Silver Medals in APIO. He is also a 4 time IMOTCer. 

He likes to take part in various contests on Codeforces and is ranked as a International Grandmaster there. His favourite topic in Math Olympiads is Combinatorics. Other than Maths and CS  he like playing boards games like chess and othello,solving different cubes and drawing.